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London Sites  


I would be delighted to act as your guide on a panoramic coach tour of London. Typically a coach tour lasts three hours including a refreshment and comfort stop. Morning tours can be coordinated, weather permitting, with a stop to see the `Changing of the Guard` ceremony at Buckingham Palace. The tour also takes us through the ancient City of London, one of the World`s great financial centres and we cross the famous Tower Bridge, as well as London Bridge, which hopefully is not falling down! Our trip will also take us past many of London`s other iconic landmarks including Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London.

Either as a seperate half day tour or as part of a full day`s itinerary you may choose a guided tour of one of the following:

Dating from the 11th Century, in the intervening years it has served as a fortress, palace, zoo, prison, home of the Crown Jewels as well as a place of execution. Don`t forget the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the `little princes` in 1483. Are you brave enough?
Tower of London
A magnificent medieval church in which since 1066, forty coronations have taken place. Many monarchs are buried here, it`s like a Shakespeare history play! Also the final resting place of some of out greatest writers, musicians, scientists and statesmen, not to mention the grave of the unknown soldier.
Westminster Abbey
London`s cathedral, there`s been one on this site since 604 AD. The current building was designed by Sir Christopher Wren following the destruction of it`s predecessor in the Great Fire of London in 1666 and is regarded by many as the jewel in London`s architectural crown. St Pauls only narrowly escaped destruction in the Second World War and it was fitting that the state funeral of Sir Winston Churchill took place here in 1965. The tombs of many other national heroes occupy space in the crypt, including those of the Duke of Wellington and Admiral Horatio Nelson.
St Pauls
Once a powerful Royal Navy cruiser, HMS Belfast, now part of the Imperial War Museum, served throughout the Second World War, taking part in the destruction of German battleship Scharnhorst. She later saw service during the Korean War. Tour her and imagine life on a crowded flagship of some 700 souls taking part in some of the critical moments of WW2.
HMS Belfast

Once home to the largest complex of docks in the World, since their closure 30 years ago this part of London has been re-born. Canary Wharf, the Capital`s second financial area is located within the former West India Docks and London City Airport, the Excel Centre and the 02 Dome are within a short distance. London`s east end, history at every corner from Jack the Ripper to Lenin and Trotsky, from the birth place of the Salvation Army and Dr Barnardo`s to the Second World War Blitz. London is reorientating to it`s long neglected east side which this year will be home to the 2012 Olympic Park. Learn about the areas fascinating past, present and future.

Olympic Stadium
A subterranean HQ so secret that throughout the Second World War, the German High Command had no inkling of it`s existence. The atmosphere of tension and drama is all pervasive. Also includes a musuem dedicated to Sir Winston Churchill, looking at the man behind the legend. See personal memorabilia, from his appaling school reports to his Nobel prize.
Cabinet War Rooms
Established in the aftermath of the First World War, the Musuem tells the story of every conflict involving British or Commonwealth armed forces since. Includes tanks, planes and rockets, the WW1 Trench experience and fascinating items and displays covering every theatre of conflict. The Art Gallery contains works by some of the Nation`s leading artists, many executed whilst the artists were embedded with operational units.
Imperial War Museum
One of the World`s oldest and biggest museums. Houses 7 million artefacts, representing the sum of human culture. Take a guided highlight tour with me and see the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles, Eygptian mummies and the incomparable Sutton Hoo Collection, once described as, `page one of English history'.
British Museum
A moving tale of 18th Century philanthropy, the hospital was founded by a former sea captain disturbed that in London, the wealthiest city in the World, thousands of unwanted or illigitimate babies were abandoned on the streets. The Hospital, really a children`s home come boarding school, gave generations of orphans and abandoned children their best chance in life. On the way it received generous patronage from the likes of the composer George Frederic Handel and the artist William Hogarth. In fact the Hospital housed Britain`s first public art gallery and many of the original paintings by Hogarth and his contemporaries are on display.
The Foundling Hospital

One of the World`s great  galleries, it`s collection covers western European painting from the mid 13th Century to the start of the 20th. The Gallery`s collection of Italian Renaissance painting has been described as the finest in the World but you can see works by all the major European painters from Caravaggio to Constable, Michelangelo to Monet. Why not join me on a highlights tour of this cultural gem?

National Gallery

The  titanic struggle to wrest domination of Europe from Napoleon Bonaparte reached it`s shattering climax on June 18th 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo, just a few miles from the Belgium Capital. The outcome of this epic battle, in which at least 50,000 soldiers lost their lives, was an uneasy peace  for almost a century, until the `lights went out all over Europe` in 1914 and once more the guns began to roar.  The victorious British commander at Waterloo was Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. The prominent archway at Hyde Park Corner, the `Wellington Arch` commemorates the `Iron Duke`, who eventually served as a Prime Minister. Why not commemorate the bicentenary of this epoch making battle by booking a tour of the Duke`s London home, Apsley House, opposite the famous Arch, to hear about the Duke`s life and interests and to see his stunning art collection?

National Gallery
Acquired in the early 16th Century by King Henry the Eighth from the disgraced Cardinal Wolsely, the King had a huge appetite for everything! See the former kitchens and banqueting hall of `Good King Harry`. We can also tour the magnificent 17th Century appartments designed by Sir Christopher Wren for later monarchs. Fabulous gardens including a 17th Century maze and one of the oldest grape vines in England.
Hampton Court Palace
Tower Bridge
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