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Classical Music Walks in London
A chance to discover London`s fascinating musical heritage at your own pace. It`s a fact that for centuries London has been both a national and international music centre.
Europe`s first public concerts were held in London and as Hector Berlioz noted in 1851` "I am convinced there is no other city in the World which consumes so much music as London!" It`s still true, how many cities can boast two opera houses, three concert halls which are capable of hosting one of London`s five internationally renowned symphony orchestras, not to mention many smaller venues such as the Wigmore Hall or Purcell Room which regularly host some of the World`s greatest soloists and chamber musicians?
Small wonder then that over the centuries, there have been few important musicians who have not visited London.
Wigmore Hall
Royal Festival Hall
`Methodism to maestros`
We see where Wagner dined with Berlioz, Ravel`s favourite London museum and where Gounod embarked on a menage a trois.
Along the route there`s Leopold Stokowski, Henry Wood, Charles Wesley and much more.
The Mall
`Rule Brittania to Rhapsody in Blue, three centuries of a musical market place`
This includes probably the first recording studio in the world, the home of Thomas Arne, learn where Puccini was inspired to compose `Madame Butterfly` and how Gustav Mahler was outdone by some electric lighting!
City of London


Since the 17th Century has been a refuge for migrants and refugees of international strife. Not surprisingly the locale has a bohemian reputation, Soho/Boho lies at the heart of London`s night life. Mozart and Haydn both stayed in Soho, a generation or so later the fugitive Wagner is said to have begun his opera the `Flying Dutchman` here. At one time the area played host to the British piano manufacturing industry and as we wander through some of London`s best preserved Georgian streets you`ll hear about one of Casanova`s musical mistresses, Handel`s amanuensis, the British music publishing industry not forgetting young Master Liszt, who made his London debut nearby.

Soho Square
`Handel, My Fair Lady and Port Salut cheese `
A walk through one of London`s most exclusive districts.
Starts at the former Brook Street home of G.F.Handel, we see his parish church too. Haydn was another continental visitor, he wrote his `London Symphonies` for performance nearby. Rossini`s London sojourn was a dissapointment to him at his Regent Street home but a century later, George Gershwin was rather more successful, perhaps he`d heard a nightingale in Berkley Square! Then there`s a cast from Elgar to the Bee Gees
Royal Academy of Music
Tower Bridge
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