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Coach Tours - Outside London  

London is within comfortable coach journey time of many famous towns and landmarks. Here are some possibilities you may consider:


The location of the world`s largest and oldest inhabited castle. For most of the past millenium Windsor Castle has been a favoured residence of royalty. View the fabulous State Rooms, (when not in use) as well as the incomparable St.George`s Chapel, a medieval gem and last resting place of many monarchs including Henry the Eigth.

Windsor Castle

Madingley & Duxford

Combine a trip to the US military cemetry at Madingley in Cambridgeshire with a visit to the nearby Imperial War Museum site at Duxford. The former is a moving yet inspiring experience, some 28,000 US servicemen, mainly aircrew, gave their lives in the Second World War whilst based in the UK, almost 4000 rest at Madingley. The former airbase at Duxford is now a branch of the Imperial War Museum and is home to examples of many British military vehicle and aircraft types from the past 80 years. Particularly impressive is the American Gallery, which boasts almost every American military aircraft, from the First World War to the Cold War, including a B52, many, though not the latter, are still airworthy!

US Military Cemetry

Duxford Museum

Stonehenge & Bath

Set amidst the rolling chalk downs of Salisbury Plain stands Stonehenge, arguably the most important prehistoric monument in Britain. Construction began over 5000 years ago and by the time of the Roman conquest in the 1st Century AD, it had lain derelict for centuries. The site has provoked wonder and puzzlement for a millennium, indeed archaeological exploration still proceeds in order to learn more of both its original purpose and the lives of those who built it.

A one hour drive west of Stonehenge is the Somerset town of Bath, or Aqua Sulis as the Romans called it. They were as taken by its naturally occurring hot spring as later visitors and residents. In fact in the Eighteenth century the town was rebuilt as a fashionable spa resort. Famous for its classically inspired architecture it is now a World Heritage site and continues, as it always has done, to attract celebrities from around the World!

As an alternative to Bath you may prefer to combine Stonehenge with a visit to the magnificent Salisbury Cathedral, just twenty miles to the south and set within one of the prettiest cathedral closes in England. A gem of early medieval gothic architecture, it was complete by 1258 and is home to one of the four surviving copies of the Magna Carta.



Salisbury Cathedral

Bletchley Park

How about a tour of the top-secret site which many experts believe shortened the Second World War by years? Few locations can have been home to so much combined mathematical and technoclogical genius as Bletchley Park, the secret code breaking centre where against massive odds, the German Enigma code was cracked, allowing access to the secrets of the Third Reich. Important not just because of it`s wartime role but as the birth place of modern computing, you can see a fully rebuilt and operational `colossus`,the world`s first programmable electronic computer.Find out too about the secretive world of intelligence gathering, James Bond eat your heart out!

Bletchley Park

Ely Cathedral

A place of Christian worship for at least 1400 years, it easy to see why the Cathedral is known as the `Ship of the Fens`. The surrounding countryside was once a watery wilderness which in the 11th Century became a centre of armed resistance against the Norman invaders. Ely itself means `eel island`. The `Fens` have long since been drained and are some of the most fertile land in the Country, though they still retain an air of mystery! Ely Cathedral was eventually rebuilt by the Normans, much of their building remains, a an awesome statement of religious and political power, though the addition in the 14th Century of a magnificent wooden `lantern` lends a grace to one of England`s most distinctive churches.

Ely Cathedral
Tower Bridge
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